Monday, September 2, 2013

Rocking Bright Colours - A How-To Guide

A big trend summer and fall of 2013 is BRIGHT colours! Bright lips, bright eyeliner, bright nails, bright cheeks. The look is so out there it could make the blind do a double-take. It's no wonder people are fawning all over this trend. 

People are so excited about brights that I just had to do a post on how to rock this trend. 

Brights level: Beginner

The easiest way to rock the bright trend without looking like a streetwalker and still looking classy is to brighten up your nails. You can't go wrong with a bright nail - oh wait.... you can.

Do: Choose a bright that matches your skin tone. Are you super pale with yellow undertones? Don't do a neon yellow polish. 
Do: Choose a good-quality polish. There is nothing worse than a polish that has gotten goopy and been applied to someone's nails. It's thick, and looks trashy.
Do: Try rocking the matte look! Matte neon pink is beautiful, especially if you rock a shiny black french tip to match. Edgy? Check. Classy? Check. I approve.

Don't: Do your own nails in a look-at-me colour if you can't get it perfect - neutral colours on your cuticles is one thing. Neon green? No.
Don't: Go to a manicurist that doesn't have nice nails. This is a general rule. Just don't do it. If they have a chip at home it's one thing - at work it's another. I always make sure to remove all my polish before I have a client, no chance of looking unprofessional that way.

Brights Level: Intermediate

Love of Lips. Brighten up your lips with a fuchsia, orange, or, dare I say it, purple lipstick/gloss. Just make sure that the colour compliments your skin tone. People with yellow undertones should not even think about going with an orange lipstick - a bright pink with blue undertones would be a far better option. Darker skin colours can pull off most jewel toned lipsticks, especially a purply/pink!

Do: Match your lipstick to your skin tone.
Do: Line your lips
Do: Go matte
Do: Add gloss
Do: Experiment! Try the new ombre lip trend. My favourite way to do this is to start with a bright pink and fade into an orange if your skin tone can accommodate. A-la Makeup Geek

Brights Level: Advanced

Okay, so we have the nails and lips down, and this isn't a fashion blog so I'm not going to go into how to wear bright clothes. The only thing that could possibly be next is...... you guessed it, eyes.

Eyes are a tricky feature to get bright right (see what I did there?). I rarely see someone pull off really bright eyes because a lot of people just can't figure out how to get it right. Colour concepts are hard to get down pat. Which I can totally understand as a makeup artist. I've been practicing with colour for years and sometimes I'll still lay a colour down on someone's lid, say "Umm.... nope" and take it off and start anew. But that's half the battle with everything right? Learning when you've made a mistake, acknowledging it and fixing it. Which some people should try harder to get. ;)

Here are my dos and don'ts for applying bright colours to your lids!

Do: Rock bright eyeliner if you want to try the look, it's a great way to start out.
Do: Choose colours that compliment your eye colour and skin tone - for example, green eyes should not do a ton of green, a hint of green around the eyes can bring them out, but more than that and your beautiful eyes will drown. To make green eyes pop go with purple or pink (yes, pink). 
Do: Line your eyes to create a barrier from the colour - otherwise you could end up looking deathly, or like you have pink eye, and that's just not cool.
Do: Add sparkle at night. Why not. I love it!

Don't: Apply colour all over your lid and up to your brows. There has to be a barrier. Up to the crease is as far as you should go with bright colours otherwise you get into Mimi territory.
Don't: Do red. Save this for fashion shows. Trust me on this. There are tutorials out there but unless your average look is over-the-top just don't do it.

To figure out if a colour will compliment your eyes, use a colour wheel. Find your eye colour and the colour immediately across from that (in the general region) are the colours you'll want to go for.

For quick reference:
Blue - Yellow/Orange/Green
Purple - Blue/Yellow/Green
Green - Purple/Pink/Blue

Brown and Hazel Eyes- Lucky gal's, you can pull off nearly any colour!

Here's a great bright pink look that I did recently that I'm IN LOVE with!

There you have it: your quick and easy guide to pulling off bright colours! 
I'd love to see your pictures of bright looks! Email them to me here.

xoxo - C